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Gold Coast's Gateway to
Authentic French Delights

About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Antonio Marchesi, a seasoned pastry chef with 17 years of experience, had a moment of revelation in 2014 after returning to Australia from a year-long stint in France: Australia was in dire need of authentic pastries!

Determined from the start, Antonio knew his mission: to preserve the authenticity and tradition of real French pastries. His venture, "My French Pastries," was built on a foundation of genuine French flour and quality butter. Passionate about tradition, everything in his kitchen was crafted from scratch, mirroring the esteemed French customs.

In his bakery, shortcuts were unheard of. No premixes, no artificial flavors, no preservatives were allowed. Every day, Antonio and his team hand-rolled croissants, committing to the craft with a dedication that could be tasted in every bite.

This commitment to authenticity and quality did not go unnoticed. "My French Pastries" made history by winning the Gold Coast Best Bakery 2019, a remarkable achievement for a home-based business. This accolade was a testament to Antonio's dedication to offering unique, traditionally baked French products.

For Antonio, nothing was more critical than the integrity and quality of his pastries. His choice of premium ingredients ensured the authenticity and exceptional taste of his products, reinforcing the belief that nothing but the best should enter his kitchen.

Come visit us and discover why our pastries have captured the hearts of many. Indulge in the true art of French pastry making and treat yourself to something genuinely exceptional. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the delights that have made "My French Pastries" a landmark for pastry lovers everywhere.


Opening Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 6:30am - 1pm

Wednesday: 6:30am - 1pm

Thursday: 6:30am - 1pm

Friday: 6:30am - 1pm

Saturday: 7am - 12pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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